Designed By: Bob Still  Still Digital Studios
                  (or Photography taught the way I wish I had learned it)

Sunday Date TBA  8:59AM to 5PM   $99.00   
All classes will be held at 6426 W. Colter Street in Glendale, Arizona.
Limited seating.
Sign up early as these classes fill up quickly.
Don’t be afraid to call for directions if you need them.

If you have a camera, anything from disposable to digital,
these courses are for you!
If you are a hobbyist, advanced amateur or professional photographer, these courses are for you!

The emphasis is on what goes on in front of the lens BEFORE the trigger is tripped.

Image manipulation in the darkroom or on a computer is NOT taught;
The idea is to "get it right" on the film or chip the first time.

Composition teaches the elements of "seeing," determining the main and secondary subjects,       placement for impact, use of available framing devices, leading lines and more.

Facial Analysis teaches how to determine the "best side" of the face, how to take off or add             weight to the subject, corrective techniques that do not require surgery.

Lighting teaches how to use anything from available light to studio lighting.  It also illustrates     ratios whether they are metered or "eye-balled."

Posing shows head-&-shoulder poses, half and full-length with props such as chairs, clothing,       boulders and bouquets.

Advance registration is REQUIRED with check for $99.00 
                    payable to Wentworth Photograph